Horizontal/Vertical XYZS Auto-Feeding Milling Machine

Horizontal/Vertical XYZS Auto-Feeding Milling Machine

Drilling/Milling Machines




X6332B, Spindle taper ISO40,   Spindle travel 150mm, Distance from spindle to column 200~500mm(V), Distance   from spindle to table 155~455 (V), 0~300mm (H), Distance from spindle to   support 190mm(H), Table travel (X,Y,Z) 600x300x300mm, Main motor power   3.7KW(V);2KW(H)


X6332D, Spindle taper: 7:24   ISO40, Distance from vertical spindle nose to table 150-490mm, Distance from   horizontal spindle nose to table 0-280mm, Distance from spindle to guidway of   column 200-550mm, Range of spindle speed 70-3600rpm(vertical) 20steps,   60-1350rpm (horizontal) 12 steps, Vertical quill travel 150mm, Feed of quill   0.04,0.08,0.13mm/r 3 steps, Max drilling of auto-feeding Dia9.5mm, Table size   1250x320mm, Table travel 600x300x280mm, Distance from spindle axis to arm   190mm, Table speed 15-370mm/min,8 steps, 1080mm/min, 560mm/min, T-slot   3-14-70, Main Motor 3.7KW(vertical), 2.2KW(horizontal)


X6328D, Max.drilling   Dia.28(manual), Max auto drilling Dia.10mm(cast Iron), Max.vertical milling   Dia.20mm, Spindle nose to table surface 90-430mm, Spindle center to column   surface 50-550mm, Spindle speed 80-5540(vertical) 38-1310(horizontal), Spindle   travel 127mm, Table size 1120x260mm, Table travel 600x270mm, Main motor 3HP.