Boring Comb. Set

Boring Comb. Set

Boring Head

-The Dia. Of the Boring Head: 2, 3,(inch)
- The types of the shank: R8 shank, MT shank and ISO shank.
- Boring Bar Set: 9pcs/set 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch.


Boring HeadSet
SizeModel No.
2'' ,R8 Shank220-1600
2'', MT3 Shank220-1601
2'', MT4 Shank220-1602
3''. R8 Shank220-1800
3'', MT3 Shank220-1801
3'', MT4 Shank220-1802


Boring HeadSet
SizeModel No.
50mm,R8 Shank220-1700
50mm, MT3 Shank220-1701
50mm, MT4 Shank220-1702
75mm. R8 Shank220-1900
75mm, MT3 Shank220-1901
75mm, MT4 Shank220-1902