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What's the form of the tungsten steel milling cutter wear?

by:PRECO     2020-05-04
The basic rule of cutter wear is similar to turning tool. High-speed tungsten steel milling cutter cutting thickness is small, especially in conventional milling, the workpiece surface blade slide extrusion, more serious, so the cutter wear mainly occurs in the surface. Tungsten steel face milling cutter milling steel, because of the high cutting speed, cutting down the front sliding velocity is large, so wear at the same time, behind the front also has a small cutter wear. Tungsten steel milling cutter tungsten steel high-speed intermittent cutting face milling cutter, cutter tooth subjected to repeated mechanical shock and thermal shock, cracks caused by blade fatigue damage. The higher the milling speed and produce the cutter wear and tear on the earlier and the more serious. Most of the tungsten steel face milling cutter for fatigue damage and loss of cutting ability. If the cutter geometry Angle choose unreasonable or improper use, blade strength is poor, the blade after bear great impact, will produce no crack cutter wear.
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