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What is the range of PRECO's product?
• PRODUCT RANGE A. Cutting Tools B. Measuring Instruments C. Machinery D. Hand Tools E. Working Equipment & Safety Wears F. Lifting Equipment G. Marine Store • BRANDS

Qingdao preco imp. & exp. co., ltd. still continues to make rapid progress in the step drill industry. We will show you the spiral point tap series that is most popular with customers. PRECO steel parallels is manufactured under strict standards of EMI, IEC, RoHS, and other lighting safety regulations. Hence, it's up to both domestic and international standards. Featuring fatigue resistance, it can work stably under cyclic loading condition. Due to these features, this product is used in various industrial applications. With a solid metal structure, it is designed to use for years.

When promoting green, cyclic, and low-carbon development becomes a trend, we act flexibly to this change. We readjust the production structure to a greener way and seek more forms of waste conversion to reduce pollution.
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