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What are the coating tungsten steel milling cutter coating? What role does the coating?

by:PRECO     2020-05-09
Tungsten steel milling cutter coating manufacturer to introduce to you: now commonly used coating can be divided into PVD coating, CVD coating and coating of PVD and CVD alternately composite coating, etc. PVD and CVD coating and some commonly used coating has the following: 1, titanium nitride coating ( TiN) 2, titanium carbide nitride coating ( TiCN) 3, nitrogen aluminum titanium or titanium aluminum coating ( TiAlN / AlTiN) 4, nitrogen chrome aluminum coating ( AlCrN) 5, diamond coating ( 钻石) Do you want to know what role does the tungsten coating? Please click on: the role of tungsten coating co. , LTD. Is a tungsten steel milling cutter coating manufacturers, professional wholesale tungsten steel milling cutter coating, coating diamond ( Graphite machining cutter) , Naco Blue coating ( High speed machining cutter) 。 NACO milling cutter, the BLUE coating is specially for high speed machining, truly achieve the high rate of hard processing. Black tungsten steel milling cutter coating, is a multi-purpose cutter, machinable any HRC55 following materials, such as: die steel, glass fiber, copper, stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy material such as cobalt nickel alloy. ( Note: this black tungsten steel milling cutter is very suitable for coating of graphite processing, high performance-to-price ratio, is a lot cheaper than the diamond cutter coating)
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