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What are the characteristics in the tungsten steel milling cutter cutting process?

by:PRECO     2020-05-07
Tungsten steel milling cutter is a kind of tungsten steel ( Cemented carbide, known as tungsten titanium alloys) Production tool. General is mainly used for CNC machining center, CNC engraving machine. Can also be loaded on the ordinary milling machine processing some hard not complex heat treatment material, widely used tungsten steel milling cutter, the use of high speed machining. Tungsten steel milling cutter for vickers hardness 10 k, second only to diamond. Because of this the characteristics of tungsten steel milling cutter can not easily be wear, but also very brittle hard and not afraid of annealing. Tungsten steel milling cutter in milling is widely used in precision instruments industry processing method. In the process of tungsten steel milling cutter cutting, has the following characteristics. 1. The cutting part of the tungsten steel milling cutter, is composed of one or several blade, its distribution on the surface of rotors or on face, cutting, is intermittent, therefore, the impact of the blade under periodic, easy to make the blade tip crack. CNC tungsten steel milling cutter with 2. Tungsten steel milling cutter in cutting process, both down milling and inverse milling, the thickness of the chip is change, therefore, in the process of cutting and cutting force changes, and it is cyclical, so it is easy to cause the vibration of technology system. According to the above characteristics, in order to make the milling smoothly, and ensure the normal work of the blade, we must choose reasonable structural parameters and geometric parameters. The structure parameters of tungsten steel milling cutter and the selection of geometric parameters, complex than other tools.
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