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What are Shank Drill Bits?

by:PRECO     2020-02-18

Looking for high-quality drill bits sets! Perhaps, you plan to start a woodworking or carpentry business. Maybe, you need bits for household chores. Regardless of the reason, a top-class set is imperative. Without suitable drilling bits, you won’t be able to make accurate holes. When this happens, you can’t put nails or other items within the holes. The truth is the success of drilling largely depends on the quality of drill bits used. This is why professionals as well as homeowners look for reputable drill bits manufacturers. Let’s understand the basics of these useful items.


What are shank drill bits?

application-What are Shank Drill Bits-PRECO-imgEssentially, they’re tools used for removing materials for creating holes of a circular cross-section. They’re attached to a drill. Once the power is on, the drilling machine moves the drill in a circular motion. With a little bit of pressure, the bits (attached to the drill) create holes on the desired surface. Since users make different types of holes as needed, various shapes and sizes are offered by many drill bits manufacturers. Using a suitable range, you can make various types of holes on different surfaces.



Characteristics of drill bits sets

Now you know a little bit about the functionality and uses of drill bits. Let’s figure out their characteristics. That will let you shop wisely when assessing reliable drill bits manufacturers.



The spiral or twist rate

The drill bit’s spiral controls and determines the rate at which the chip will be removed. A faster spiral is used for high-feed rate applications with low spindle speeds. Such shank drill bits are extremely handy for removing a large volume of chipping.


On the flip side, low spiral drilling bits are used for cutting applications with high speeds. Slow spirals are also ideal for materials that can gall on the bits or clog the holes of particular surfaces such as copper or aluminum.


The point angle

The angle formed at the drill bit’s tip is the point angle. It’s determined and based on the material drill bit will be operating on. For example, hard materials will warrant a large point angle. On the other hand, a smaller point angle will work for soft materials.

The correct point angle affects the hole shape, chatter, and wandering. It also influences the rate of wear of the bit. Depending on popular drill bits manufacturers is a better bet to enjoy the longevity of the point angle as well as the bit.


The lip angle

It determines the level of support rendered to the cutting edge. The choice of the lip angle is important before operating on any material. If you choose the wrong lip angle, it’ll damage the surface. A greater angle will strain the bit to perform cuts more aggressively than a smaller angle under the same point pressure.


A smaller angle will cause the bit to cut slowly. Both conditions are undesirable and could cause binding, wear and tear, damages, and failure of drill bits sets. For these reasons, it’s important to figure out the proper lip clearance as determined by the point angle.


The functional length

The functional length of shank drill bits determines the depth of potential holes. Additionally, it determines the accuracy of the hole and the stiffness of the drilling bit. If the bits are longer, they’ll drill deeper holes. However, the accuracy of the holes could get compromised.


On the other hand, smaller bits can create accurate holes, but they can’t penetrate deeper. It’s essential to attain a perfect balance when choosing bits. That will help you drill holes of desired sizes with better accuracy.


Types of shank drill bits

At this point, you’re a bit familiar with the geometry of drilling bits. Let’s check the various types of bits. Getting acquainted with the variety will help you pick suitable drill bits sets. Some of the popular types of bits are explained below.



Based on the size, you can find three types of drill bits - long bits, medium bits, and smaller bits. A longer bit is ideal for drilling longer holes. Such bits have more power and can drill deeper holes quickly without flaws and mistakes.


A medium bit is perfect for making holes that are neither too deep nor too shallow. Similarly, smaller bits from trusted drill bits manufacturers make a great choice for drilling tiny holes in walls or woods.

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Twist drill bits sets

They’re the most widely used versions today. Whether it’s woodworking, carpentry, or household affairs, twist drills are preferred in all walks of life. They consist of a cutting point at the cylindrical shaft’s tip with helical flutes. These flutes act as a screw and lift off materials out of the holes.

You can find a wide range of twist shank drill bits. Depending on the desired purpose, you may choose a bit of a suitable shape and size. They’re easy to use and handle. That’s the main reason for their popularity among professionals as well as casual users.


Step drill bits sets

It’s a peculiar type of bit. The diameter of the bit’s tip is ground to a different diameter. The transition between the original diameter and the ground diameter is angled to form a counter-sink or straight to form a counter-bore. The benefit of this type of bit is that both diameters come with the same flute characteristics.


Plus, they keep the bit from clogging while drilling and penetrating softer materials. Usually, professionals choose a step drill bit from reliable drill bits manufacturers. They’re custom-made and come with a higher price tag. However, their higher prices are worth the results they deliver.


Other types of shank drill bits

You’ll also find many other types of drill bits sets based on material type and functionality. However, the above-mentioned models are widely used for industrial and domestic purposes.



Bottom line

Shank drill bits are useful pieces of accessories. Whether it’s professional work or household affairs, drill bits are handy under all circumstances. Also, they’re available in varied shapes, sizes, and materials to suit specific purposes. Just be sure to buy drilling accessories from reputed drill bits manufacturers. With quality drill bits sets, you can ease your chores without putting in too much effort.

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