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Type and characteristics of tungsten steel milling cutter have?

by:PRECO     2020-05-03
According to the shapes of the tungsten steel milling cutter categories: divided into two kinds of standard and non-standard cutter, the following prinker to explain it in detail. 1. Can be divided into standard knife, average diameter ( 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 20mm) 。 Tungsten steel, 2, 4 blade milling cutter, tungsten steel, tungsten spher mill, round nose cutter. 2. Non-standard knives, diameter, shape strange, sort is various, such as tungsten steel path knife, deep trench knives etc. Tungsten steel milling cutter according to the processing of knife particle classification: superfine grain tungsten steel milling cutter, a very fine grain tungsten steel milling cutter, very fine superfine grain tungsten steel milling cutter; Different particle processing mill hardness is different. According to the grain size, carbide can be divided into ordinary hard alloy, fine grain cemented carbide and ultra-fine grain cemented carbide. According to the main chemical composition, carbide can be divided into tungsten carbide carbide and titanium carbide carbide. Cobalt tungsten carbide tungsten carbide ( YG) Titanium, tungsten cobalt class ( YT) And adding the rare class (carbide YW) Three categories, each with advantages and disadvantages, the main components in tungsten carbide ( WC) , titanium carbide ( Tic) , niobium carbide, NbC) Such as common metal bonding phase is Co. Titanium carbide base cemented carbide is Tic as the main composition of carbide, commonly used metal bonding phase Mo and Ni. Tungsten carbide cutting tools (milling cutter Especially indexable carbide cutting tools) Is the dominant production of nc machining tool, some countries have more than 90% of the lathe tool, more than 55% of the milling cutter of cemented carbide manufacturing has been adopted, and the trend is increasing. CNC tungsten steel milling cutter since the 1980 s, tool industry constantly expanding of monolithic and indexable carbide cutting tools or blade production, its breed has been extended to the field of all kinds of cutting tool, with indexable carbide cutting tools by a simple tool, face milling cutter to expand to the field of precision, complex, forming tools. Carbide bit or manufacturing, general tool commonly used materials such as face milling cutter. At the same time, the reamer, vertical milling cutter, and processing in the hard tooth face, big modulus gear cutter, broach and other complex cutting tool using hard alloy is also increasing. Carbide cutting tools and blades of annual production has more than 30% of the total output value of cutting tool.
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