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The right way to use CNC CNC tungsten steel milling cutter is what?

by:PRECO     2020-05-13
Commonly used on nc machine tools milling cutter: one, face milling cutter, circular surface and end face milling cutter are cutting edge, end cutting edge as a cutting edge. Face milling cutter is made more type insert structure for high speed steel and carbide blade, blade of 40 cr. Second, the vertical milling cutter, end mill's cylindrical surface and end face has a cutting edge, they can be cut at the same time, also can separate for cutting. Vertical milling cutter cutting edges on the surface of the cylinder is given priority to cutting edge, on the face of a cutting edge to vice cutting edges. Note that for the vertical milling cutter face with grooves, so not to do the axial feed. Three, die cutter, the structure characteristics of his dissatisfaction on the ball head or face is a cutting edge, circular blade with ball head arc blade, may make the radial and axial feed. Four, keyway milling cutter, CNC tungsten steel milling cutter, it has two blade, cylinder and end face has a cutting edge, end edge to center. Processing when the axial feed first reach the groove depth, and then along the length direction of keyway milling keyway. Five, the drum cutter, cutting edge distribution in arc surface of radius R, face no cutting edge. Process control tool position, phase should face the blade cutting parts, can be cut out on the artifacts from the different Angle of negative to positive. R is smaller, cylindrical milling cutter can be processed by the Angle range is wider. Six, forming milling cutter, are generally specialized in designing and manufacturing and machining or for a specific content. Some general milling cutter, but because of the spindle taper hole are different, must make the transition and nails.
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