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The fundamental problem of the aluminum alloy special milling cutter

by:PRECO     2020-04-30
When choosing the Angle of the cutting tool, need to consider many factors, such as cutting tool material, workpiece material, processing properties. What tool Angle is in general, refers to the manufacturing and measuring the annotation Angle in actual work, due to different cutter installation position and the change of the cutting direction, the Angle of the practical work and annotation Angle is different, but the difference between usually is very small. Cemented carbide indexable inserts are now using chemical vapor deposition method coated titanium carbide, titanium nitride, alumina hard layer or composite hard layer. Is the development of the physical vapor deposition method not only can be used for cemented carbide cutting tools, can also be used for high speed steel cutting tools, such as cutter, drill bits, milling cutter and tap, etc. Hard coating as impede heat transfer and chemical diffusion barrier, the tool wear in cutting speed slows, compared to the service life of blade coating and coating of about 1 ~ 3 times or more. Because under the high temperature and high pressure, high speed, and working in a corrosive fluid components, its application more and more of the refractory materials, cutting processing level of automation and the requirement of machining accuracy is higher and higher. In order to adapt to this kind of situation, the development direction of cutting tool will be the development and application of a new cutting tool materials; Further vapor deposition coating technology for the development of cutting tool, the high toughness of high strength matrix coating deposited on higher hardness, better solve the contradiction between the cutting tool material hardness and strength; The structure of the further development of indexable tool; Improve the manufacturing precision of the cutting tool, reducing the difference of product quality, and make the use of the tool zui preferred. The manufacturing of the milling cutter materials and is there any requirement? Manufacturing tool material must have a high temperature hardness and wear resistance, the necessary bending strength, impact toughness, and chemical inertness, good manufacturability. Usually when materials, high hardness, wear resistance and high; High bending strength, impact toughness is high also. But the material hardness is higher, the lower its bending strength and impact toughness. High speed steel with high bending strength and impact toughness, and good machinability, modern is still the wide application of cutting tool materials, followed by cemented carbide. Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride is suitable for cutting high hardness hardened steel and iron, etc. ; Polycrystalline diamond is suitable for cutting nonferrous metal, and metal, plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc. ; Carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel are now used for file tools, die, tap and so on.
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