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The classification of the milling cutter is roughly what?

by:PRECO     2020-04-27
Milling cutter is mainly used for the milling machine processing plane, steps, groove, forming surface, etc. , and to cut off the tungsten steel milling cutter suppliers, in order to make sure you use enough high average chip thickness per tooth feeding, must be determined correctly is suitable for the process of milling cutter knife teeth, the dongguan chuan industry hardware co. , LTD. To introduce the general classification of the milling cutter for you. 1, the flat cutter: rough milling, which can reduce a large number of blank, small area of horizontal plane or contour precision milling; 2, ball head milling cutter: surface half essence milling and milling; Small ball end milling cutter can finish-milling steep plane/straight wall small chamfer and irregular contour surface; 3, molding cutter: including chamfering knives, T cutter or drum type knife, knife tooth type, R knife; 4, chamfering knives: chamfer cutter appearance is same as the chamfering shape, divided into milling round chamfer and inclined Angle of the milling cutter. Company focused on cutting tool research and development and sales, tungsten steel milling cutter, cutting tool overall solutions and supporting services can provide customers with tool design, manufacture and application of tools, process improvement and other integrated services.
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