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The characteristics of narrative saw blade milling cutter in the triangular tooth chamfer

by:PRECO     2020-05-18
Saw blade milling cutter is both saw blade milling cutter. Is the product of both belong to the both. Saw blade milling cutter is mostly the same performance of high speed steel, cemented carbide materials, etc. Although hard alloy is higher than the hardness of high speed steel, cutting force is strong, can improve the speed and feed rate, improve the productivity. But let the knife is not obvious, although can work hard processing material such as stainless steel/titanium alloy, but costs are higher, and the cutting force under the condition of rapid alternating easily broken sword. Saw blade milling cutter is mainly used for processing or cutting hard metals such as iron, aluminum, copper and so on narrow and deep grooves. Can also be used for plastic, wood and other non-metallic milling. Superhard materials saw blade milling cutter and carbide saw blade is mainly used for milling of hard cutting material. Less use of saw blade milling cutter, tooth surface, the corresponding repeatable gear grinding saw blade grinding machine. After saw blade milling cutter grinding cutting effect and the new type of saw blade milling cutter, improves the production efficiency, reduce the cost. Triangular tooth chamfer type saw blade milling cutter, it is on the main cutting edge of saw blade milling cutter, takes the form of chamfering, achieve the goal of points crumbs. Chip can make saw blade milling cutter so narrow and reduces the cutting load, and avoids the chip groove side extrusion and friction, improves the chip and chip removal conditions, cooling lubricants easily into the cutting area, reduces the cutting temperature. According to the characteristics of the saw blade milling cutter width narrow, there are three kinds of commonly used chip form 1. Is on the main cutting edges adjacent blade staggered chamfering points crumbs, this kind of form grinding is convenient. 2. By grinding adjacent blade staggered into chamfering, the chip form in addition to the points, also due to the cutting surface of workpiece is pointed horn grooves, the saw blade milling cutter have a centering effect, helps to reduce partial phenomenon. 3. Chip is high and low tooth form, the saw blade milling cutter blade is divided into two groups, respectively in two different diameter on the circumference of a circle of the middle part of such high tooth only responsible for the removal of the trough, the low tooth blade resection margin on both sides.
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