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Side milling cutter part material

by:PRECO     2020-07-20
HRF10 ultra high wear-resisting with) : superfine diamond tungsten steel, has a very high abrasion resistance, impact resistance but slightly worse. Suitable for all kinds of demands high abrasion resistance material in low speed light cutting processing. Commonly used in good condition, stable cutting, excellent parts clamping and continuous light processing. The corresponding general tungsten steel, the service life of over 3 ~ 5 times. Corresponding ISOK10 ~ K25 / P10 ~ P25. VRA201 import very superfine diamond tungsten steel: has very shock resistance and abrasion resistance. Commonly used for poor or ordinary equipment processing and low hardness of materials ( HRC≤ 25° ) , continuous cutting and poor parts clamping. Corresponding ISO K25, alternative M42, ASP60, MPM, HSSCo10 and other materials processing, and can achieve the service life of about 4 ~ 6 times. With a strong performance. Corresponding SKH51 has 15 ~ 25 times the service life and durability. ASP60C( High wear resistant) : imported high wear resistant high cobalt powder steel, hardening treatment: HRC70 & deg; ± 2° , has the very good wear resistance and shock resistance performance, relevant HSSE, HSS AL and HSSCo, with 4 ~ 8 times the service life, and can guarantee the uniformity of the products processed and the qualified rate. General equipment used in the processing of all kinds of high temperature alloy, heat-resistant alloy, nickel and vanadium titanium cast iron, stainless steel and other hard processing material, Nickel, Cr, Mo, silicon, titanium, etc. ) Before heat treatment, machining tools. High temperature processing and excellent comprehensive performance, allowing the cutting speed is higher, the hardness of materials is higher, the more significant effect. Due to the poor toughness slightly, not suitable for discontinuous cutting or under the condition of insufficient rigidity of process system is used, otherwise easy to play knife blade or crack. Different side milling cutter tooth type classification: type A tooth: straight teeth ( Ratchet type) The main purpose is for fine milling cutting. It milling taper shallow, about 3 ~ 5 mm. AW type tooth: it is & other; 一个“ About type of improving tooth, tooth type for monoclinic type straight tooth function and & other 一个“ At the same type of tooth, but power is higher. Type B tooth: arc tooth ( Forming CAM shape) Tooth type for bending flat tooth, is mainly used for cutting open pit slot, cutting force & other than the arrival of the 一个“ Strong teeth and open pit slot cut deep. BW type tooth: arc tooth ( Alternately tilted) About tooth form into monoclinal bending flat teeth, is & other; B” Type of improved design, mainly used for cutting saws thicker of different materials and cutting sawing force strong, applicable to the general crosscut saw machine. C type tooth: triple gear grinding; Coarse and fine tooth the tooth type design for high and low horizontal ladder tooth type, before and after the tooth height gap is about 0. 15± 0. 3mm。 Front tooth type of bilateral oblique, tooth for tooth, after it saw cutting efficiency is high, and can help when cutting saw the workpiece, reducing the required cutting. BR type tooth: it is & other; B” Type of new improved design, on the top of the tooth bit fine cutting groove is about 0. 4 mm, its role is to saw cutting workpiece waste broken again, increase the discharge power, the cutting saw efficacy than & other; BW” The tooth type can increase 25% more. To improve the safety of the measures for side milling cutter have? ( 1) Reduce quality of cutting tool, cutting tool numeral, simplify the structure of the cutting tool by the experiment of different tool the bursting of the limits and the diameter of the same quality of blade, cutting tool the relationship between the numeral and the number of component interface, by comparison, found that the lighter tool quality, number of components and component interface is less, cutting tool broken limit rotational speed is higher. The study found that using titanium alloy as the blade material to reduce the quality of the components, the bursting of the limits and the limiting speed can improve the tools. But due to the sensitivity of the titanium alloy of incision, not suitable for manufacturing blade, so some side and face milling cutter with high strength aluminum alloy has been adopted to produce the blade. ( 2) Improve tool clamping way of simulation calculation and bursting test research shows that the side and face milling cutter blade clamping methods are not allowed to use the friction of the clamping, usually with a blade with center hole, the screw clamping way, or using a special design of cutter structure in order to prevent the blades to jilt fly. Knives, knife of the direction of the clamping force and centrifugal force in the same direction, at the same time to control good bolt pre-tightening force, to prevent the screw early damage due to overload. Can be used for small diameter of the shank cutter, hydraulic chuck or heat bilges cold shrink chuck clamping high precision and high rigidity. ( 3) To improve dynamic balance to improve the dynamic balance of tools to enhance the security of a side and face milling cutter has a lot of help. Because of the cutting tool unbalance to the spindle system to produce an additional radial load, its size is directly proportional to the square of the speed. Improve the tool can be effectively reduced by means of the dynamic balance of centrifugal force, improve the safety of the high-speed cutting tools. Side milling cutter tool should be strengthened the safety of quantitative analysis, to determine the factors affecting safety side and face milling cutter trace, and from the cutting tool material, structure, manufacturing process, etc, to solve the problem of safety in good side and face milling cutter.
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