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Saw blade tungsten steel milling cutter is how to produce?

by:PRECO     2020-04-23
Tungsten carbide saw blade milling cutter is both saw blade milling cutter. Is made by hard alloy material such as, higher than the high hardness, is generally used in low hardness of carbon steel and non-ferrous metal rod and tube cut off. Is mainly used for iron, aluminum, copper and other hard metal materials under the narrow and deep slot in processing or cut off. Plastic, wood and other non-metallic milling. Superhard materials saw blade milling cutter, carbide saw blade is mainly used for hard cutting material, Heat resistant steel, stainless steel high strength steel) The milling. Saw blade milling cutter process: tungsten carbide saw blade milling cutter material blank check coarse grinding measuring flatness of saw blade milling cutter grinding inner hole cylindrical fine grinding saw blade milling cutter plane milling saw mitutoyo micrometer CNC hobbing tooth thickness measuring projector to measure the cutting Angle blade cutter cutting test. Saw blade tungsten steel milling cutter is made of what material production? We choose the saw blade, the first material is composed of tungsten steel, so also known as tungsten carbide saw blade, saw blade tungsten steel milling cutter mainly use steel W6Mo5Cr4V2 ( Tungsten steel) Or high speed steel as raw material to produce, tungsten carbide saw blades with high speed steel saw blade, which can realize high speed milling, high processing efficiency. Spiral teeth coarse milling cutter teeth blade less high strength large chip capacitors used for rough machining fine-tooth milling cutter and finishing. Cutter first for plane, steps, groove on the milling machine processing, and to cut off the workpiece, etc. 4 indexable type see indexable tool this structure has been widely used in face milling cutter, end mill and side milling cutter, etc.
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