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PRECO broach keyway broach suppliers for Scaffold

PRECO broach keyway broach suppliers for Scaffold

PRECO broach keyway broach suppliers for Scaffold

Trade Terms
Supply Ability
Qingdao or any other main port in China
T/T,L/C,Western Union,Moenygram,Paypal,etc
Packaging Detail
1pc in 1 plastic case
by air or by sea
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Product Information

Keyway Broaches


SizeWidth X overall lengthNo.s of Shims
4mm-B-1 1/4X6-3/41     
5mm-B-1 1/4X6-3/41     
6mm-C 3/8X11-3/41     
8mm-C 3/8X11-3/42     
10mm-D-1 9/16X13-7/82     
12mm-D-1 9/16X13-7/82     
14mm-D-1 9/16X13-7/82     
16mm-E-1 3/4X15-1/23     
18mm-E-1 3/4X15-1/23     
20mm-F-1 1X20-1/43     
22mm-F-1 1X20-1/44     
24mm-F-1 1X20-1/45     
25mm-F-1 1X20-1/44     


SizeWidth X overall lengthNo.s of Shims
 3/32-B 3/16X6-3/40     
 1/8-B 3/16X6-3/41     
 5/32-B 3/16X6-3/41     
 3/16-B 3/16X6-3/41     
 3/16-C 3/8X11-3/41     
 1/4-C 3/8X11-3/41     
 5/16-C 3/8X11-3/42     
 3/8-C 3/8X11-3/42     
 5/16-D 9/16X13-7/82     
 3/8-D 9/16X13-7/82     
 7/16-D 9/16X13-7/83     
 1/2-D 9/16X13-7/83     
 5/8-E 3/4X15-1/24     
 3/4-E 3/4X15-1/25     
1  1/81-1/8X20-1/48     
1  1/41-1/4X20-1/49     
1  3/81-3/8X20-1/410     
1  1/21-1/2X20-1/411     

Product Message

Rigorous quality inspection for PRECO keyway broach suppliers is subject to conduct. It includes the examination of wearing resistance, bending, strength, rigidity, and anti-aging performance.
PRECO keyway broach suppliers is manufactured adopting advanced machines. These machines mainly include punching machine, bending machine, stamping machine, milling machine, cutting machine, etc.
The tests for PRECO keyway broach suppliers involve many aspects. They are color shading, colorfastness, symmetry, size fitting, breathability, abrasion resistance, and durability.
A range of essential processes in PRECO keyway broach suppliers production is reasonably conducted. The product will respectively go through the following stages, namely, materials cleaning, moisture removing, molding, cutting, and polishing.
The design factors of PRECO keyway broach suppliers are well-considered. It is carried out by our designers who concern about safety as well as the users’ convenience for manipulating, and convenience for maintenance.
It contains few or no chemicals and substances whose use are restricted or banned. Chemical content testing has been performed to evaluate the presence of heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, biocidal agents, etc.
The product has a cushion effect. It is designed in a manner that evenly distributes the load across the feet hence to reduce the landing impact.
The product has desired safety. It does not contain any sharp or easily removeable parts that may cause accidental injury.
This product is characterized by its durability. Made with the right materials and construction, it can endure sharp objects, spills, and heavy loading.
The product features good decompression. The materials used to construct it feature dual density which can offer a good buffering effect to the feet.
The product features a hypoallergenic nature. Its fine fabric structure enables the moisture-caused bacteria to expel away from the fabric.
This product brings enhanced attractiveness. It gives a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance, which is now associated with contemporary design.
Once this product is installed, it only needs one person to operate. This makes it affordable and convenient because fewer people are needed to perform the job.
The product can have a positive impact on a company’s efficiency, enabling employees to work faster and increase productivity.
People can rest assured that the generates limited radiation which does no harm to their health. People can use it daily in life.
This product comes with various shapes and colors. This allows people to decorate their home or working place when choosing styles of appliances.
It endows a building high-value energy performance and advanced thermal security functions for keeping well ventilated, bright and warm.
Product Message
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