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PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering

PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering

PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering

Trade Terms
Supply Ability
30000pcs / Month
Qingdao, or any main port in China
T/T, L/C,,western union, moneygram, PAYPAL payments for offline orders
Packaging Detail
1pc in 1 plastic tube and then in carton Packing
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Company Advantages
1. Quality debugging will be carried out when PRECO is produced. The debugging aspects include parts' connection, configuration, structural stability, and other mechanical performance. The product can withstand a certain load or pressure during the machine operation
2. PRECO is highly recommended for our in addition to our . The product can sustain dynamic accuracy and repeatability during operation
3. This product guarantees stable performance and long service life. Professed by CNC machines, it features high dimension accuracy

Product Information

PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering-1

1pc packed in 1 aluminium box and then in good quality carton suitable for export.

PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering-2

Three-Point Inside Micrometer sets are available.

PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering-3

Packed in aluminium box or wooden box

Product Specifications

For Through Hole
Item No.DescriptionItem No.DescriptionItem No.Description

3 Point Inside Micrometer 

(with Ring Gage)

3 Point Inside Micrometer

 (with Ring Gage)

3 Point Inside Micrometer

(with Ring Gage)

600-92016-8mmx0.001mm600-95010.24-0.3x0.0001''600-92203-pc set 2-3mmx0.001mm
600-92028-10mmx0.001mm600-95020.3-0.39x0.0001''600-92242-pc set 2-3mmx0.001mm
600-920310-12mmx0.001mm600-95030.39-0.47x0.0001''600-92263-pc set 3-6mmx0.001mm
600-920411-14mmx0.005mm600-95040.43-0.55x0.0002''600-92303-pc set 11-20mmx0.005mm
600-920514-17mmx0.005mm600-95050.55-0.66x0.0002''600-92404-pc set 20-40mmx0.005mm
600-920617-20mmx0.005mm600-95060.66-0.78x0.0002''600-92606-pc set 40-100mmx0.005mm










For Blind Hole
Item No.DescriptionItem No.DescriptionItem No.Description

3Point Ins.Micrometer for 

Blind hole (with Ring Gage)

3Point Ins.Micrometer for 

Blind hole (with Ring Gage)

3Point Ins.Micrometer for 

Blind hole(with Ring Gage)

600-22016-8x0.001mm600-25010.275-0.35x0.0001'' w/ring gage600-22203pc/set 6-12x0.001mm (6-8,8-10,10-12)
600-22028-10x0.001mm600-25020.35-0.425x0.0001'' w/ring gage600-22303pc/set 11-20x0.005mm (11-14,14-17, 17-20)
600-220310-12x0.001mm600-25030.425-0.5x0.0001'' w/ring gage600-22352pc/set 12-20x0.005mm (12-16,16-20)
600-220411-14x0.005mm600-25040.5-0.65x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22404pc/set 20-40x0.005mm (20-25,25-30,30-35,35-40)
600-221712-16x0.005mm600-25050.65-0.8x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22454pc/set 20-50x0.005mm (20-25,25-30,30-40,40-50)
600-220514-17x0.005mm600-25060.8-1x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22504pc/set 50-100x0.005mm (50-63,62-75,75-88,87-100)
600-221816-20x0.005mm600-25071-1.2x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22606pc/set 40-100x0.005mm (40-50,50-60,60-70,70-80,80-90,90-100)
600-220617-20x0.005mm600-25081.2-1.6x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22652pc/set 50-100x0.001mm (50-70,70-100)
600-220720-25x0.005mm600-25091.6-2x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22702pc/set 100-250x0.001mm (100-150, 150-250)
600-220825-30x0.005mm600-25102-2.5x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22712pc/set 2-3x0.001mm (2-2.5,2.5-3)
600-220930-35x0.005mm600-25112.5-3x0.0002'' w/ring gage600-22723pc/set 3-6x0.001mm (3-4,4-5,5-6)
600-221930-40x0.005mm600-25123-3.5x0.0002'' w/ring gage

600-221140-50x0.005mm600-25133.5-4x0.0002'' w/ring gage


600-221250-60x0.005mmItem No.Description
3Point Ins.Micrometer for Blind Hole(without Ring Gage)
600-222262-75x0.005mm600-9605100-125x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-221470-80x0.005mm600-9610125-150x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-222375-88x0.005mm600-9615150-175x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-221580-90x0.005mm600-9620175-200x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-222487-100x0.005mm600-9625200-225x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-221690-100x0.005mm600-9630225-250x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-2280100-125x0.005mm600-9635250-275x0.005mm, for blind hole
600-2281125-150x0.005mm600-9640275-300x0.005mm, for blind hole

Product Description

PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering-4
  • ◪  Three point self-centering heads.

  •   Carbide-tipped contact points make it highly durable.

  • ◪  Measuring deep hole with an extension rod.

  • ◪  Supply with setting ring gages

  • ◪  Resolution:  Within 12mm/0.5": 0.001mm/0.0001" Over 12mm/0.5": 0.005mm/0.0002"

  • ◪  Ratch stop.

  •   Aluminium body.


PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering-5
PRECO best quality pin micrometer engineering-6

Product Message

Company Features
1. Located in a place where has industrial clusters, the factory enjoys a geographically advantage. This advantage enables the factory to cut costs in sourcing raw materials or send the products to process.
2. Qingdao preco imp. & exp. co., ltd. can promise that we will try our utmost to satisfy our customers. Call now!
Unlike traditional products, the defects of PRECO pin micrometer are eliminated during production. It is made based on the real person picture or drawing
PRECO pin micrometer is provided in varied design styles. The product can express unique cultural implication
Thanks to the talented team and the advanced technology, PRECO pin micrometer comes in various innovative design styles. The product features a perfect and fine face and shape
The careful design of PRECO pin micrometer is provided by our experienced designers for the convenience of users. The product is characterized by excellent colorfastness
The PRECO pin micrometer offered by us is manufactured under the guidance of our experienced professionals. The product has the advantage of crack resistance
This product is with the perfect performance to support the user need. The product acts as a decorative item for homes, offices or churches
Our skilled experts ensure the product to meet the international quality standards. The product can express unique cultural implication
The product has obtained international quality certificates and meets the quality standard of many countries and regions. The product is characterized by excellent colorfastness
The overall quality of this product is ensured by our professional QC team.
The defective product will not be sent to customers thanks to the strict quality control. The words and sentences can be printed on this product
The product itself is a perfect embodiment of quality in PRECO. It will be packaged in a box filled with cushioning materials
The product enjoys popularities mainly due to its practical function, comfort value and aesthetics or prestige. It can be sure to use for long. The product is not subject to moisture
The product can be adapted to individual tastes with a range of colors, materials, and styles of various kinds.
One of the biggest advantages in the use of this product is the considerable increase in the skill and productivity of laborers. The facial details of the character can be clearly sculptured out
The product contributes to improving feet health. It effectively solves the problems of foot odor, fatigue, and pain during walking. The product can be made with a variety of curvaceous forms
The aesthetic and functionality of this product will bring the design of a room to life. It will enhance space design in a way ornaments and other furnishings alone cannot. The product plays an important role in Christmas or Catholic activities
It has been proved that dressing this product will have a good impact on what we think and feel, and will affect both our behavior and our performance in work and life. The product is characterized by excellent colorfastness
Product Message
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