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in plastic box
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Application Scope
The machine tools produced by PRECO can be used in many fields.PRECO always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.
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Product Details
With a focus on details, PRECO strives to create high-quality machine tools.PRECO insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture machine tools. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
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Company Advantages
1. outrival other similar products with its materials.
2. Multiple quality tests will be conducted to ensure that the product meets industry quality standards.
3. Our quality controllers responsible for making constant, small changes to keep the production working within defined parameters, ensuring the quality of the product.
4. The product has been well recognized with an integrated sales network in the domestic market.

ANSI Spiral Flute Taps      
Size Size Size Size Size
M1.2x0.2 M7x0.5 M15x1.25 M25x1 M40x1.5
M1.2x0.25 M7x0.75 M15x1.5 M25x1.5 M40x2
M1.4x0.2 M7x1 M15x2 M25x2 M40x2.5
M1.4x0.3 M7x1.25 M16x0.5 M25x2.5 M40x3
M1.5x0.35 M8x0.5 M16x0.75 M25x3 M42x1.5
M1.6x0.2 M8x0.75 M16x1 M26x1..5 M42x2
M1.6x0.35 M8x1 M16x1.25 M26x2 M42x3
M1.7x0.2 M8x1.25 M16x1.5 M27x1 M42x4.5
M1.7x0.35 M8x1.5 M16x1.75 M27x1.5 M44x2
M1.8x0.2 M9x0.5 M16x2 M27x2 M45x1.5
M1.8x0.35 M9x0.75 M17x1 M27x3 M45x2
M2x0.35 M9x1 M17x1.25 M28x1 M45x3
M2x0.4 M9x1.25 M17x1.5 M28x1.5 M45x4
M2x0.45 M10x0.5 M17x2 M28x2 M45x4.5
M2.2x0.25 M10x0.75 M18x1 M28x2.5 M46x2
M2.2x0.45 M10x1 M18x1.25 M29x2 M48x1.5
M2.3x0.4 M10x1.25 M18x1.5 M30x1 M48x2
M2.5x0.35 M10x1.5 M18x1.75 M30x1.5 M48x3
M2.5x0.45 M11x0.5 M18x2 M30x2 M48x4
M2.5x0.5 M11x0.75 M18x2.5 M30x2.5 M48x4.5
M2.6x0.45 M11x1 M19x1 M30x3 M48x5
M3x0.35 M11x1.25 M19x1.5 M30x3.5 M50x1.5
M3x0.5 M11x1.5 M19x2 M32x1.5 M50x2
M3x0.6 M11x1.75 M20x1 M32x2 M50x3
M3.5x0.35 M12x0.5 M20x1.25 M32x3 M50x5
M3.5x0.6 M12x0.75 M20x1.5 M33x1 M52x1.5
M4x0.35 M12x1 M20x1.75 M33x1.5 M52x2
M4x0.5 M12x1.25 M20x2 M33x2 M52x3
M4x0.7 M12x1.5 M20x2.5 M33x3 M52x4
M4x0.75 M12x1.75 M21x1 M33x3.5 M52x5
M4.5x0.5 M13x0.5 M21x1.5 M34x1.5  
M4.5x0.7 M13x0.75 M21x2 M35x1  
M4.5x0.75 M13x1 M22x1 M35x1.5  
M5x0.5 M13x1.25 M22x1.25 M35x2  
M5x0.75 M13x1.5 M22x1.5 M35x3  
M5x0.8 M13x1.75 M22x1.75 M36x1.5  
M5x0.9 M13x2 M22x2 M36x2  
M5x1 M14x0.5 M22x2.5 M36x3  
M5.5x0.5 M14x0.75 M23x1.5 M36x4  
M5.5x0.9 M14x1 M24x1 M38x1.5  
M6x0.5 M14x1.25 M24x1.25 M38x4  
M6x0.75 M14x1.5 M24x1.5 M39x1.5  
M6x1 M14x1.75 M24x2 M39x2  
M6x1.25 M14x2 M24x2.5 M39x3  
M6.3x1 M15x1 M24x3 M39x4  

Product Description

  •   Material: Two kinds of materials of High Speed Steel and Cobalt 5% are available. When ordering,please specify which one.

  • ◪  Standard: ISO standard, DIN standard, ANSI standard and JIS standard are available.

  • Packing: Individual size and sets are both packed  in plastic boxes


  • ◪  Used in making threads in a hole to insert a fastener to hold two mating parts together.

Product Message

Company Features
1. Qingdao preco imp. & exp. co., ltd. became a pioneer in the field of by offering a variety of products.
2. are produced with the high technology introduced by PRECO.
3. We have a corporate culture of mutual respect, cross-collaboration, and inclusion, which enhances our operational excellence while making a positive impact in the lives of our customers and the communities we serve. Our company supports sustainable development initiatives. We have found ways to improve resource consumption efficiency and reduce production waste. Get an offer! Our company is devoted to the fair, just, and equal business cooperation. We pledge not to engage in any practices that harm the interests and rights of our clients and consumers.


Product Description


  Weed Grass Electrtic Hedge Trimmer For Sale Parameter


Engine Type Air Colling Single Cylinder,2 Stroke
Displacement 22.5cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 600ml
Idling Speed 2800-3200rpm
Rated Power Output 0.65kw/8000rpm
Blade Type Dual Blade  
Blade Length600mm
Starter Easy Starter System


  Weed Grass Electrtic Hedge Trimmer For Sale Detail



Hedge Trimmer Explosive View


Packaging & Shipping

 Hedge Trimmer Packing Detail


Box Size : 110*23.5*26.5CM 


1 Box1 Hadge Trimmer , Tool Kit, Manual Book, Oil Pot
20'' Container410pcs Trimmer
40'' Container995pcs Trimmer




Hedge Trimmer Standard Accessories.





Our Services

  Our Paradise After-Sale Service



1)  Delivery Time: We can delivery within 18-25 Days after receive your deposit


2)  Warranty: We promise one years warranty


3)  Logo/Brand Design : We have a professional design department to design your Logo/Brand.


4)  Mode of transport: We can ship By Ship/By Air /By 

Company Information

Our Team



Our Paradise Woorkshop Conner






More Detail Pls Feel Free To Contact Me Any Time !

It's My Honor To Service For You !


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Tel: (86) 18867985761



Product Description

Not all listed, other dimension and custom made are also available!

This high-grade PRECO provides professional and attractive design. This product has the advantage of uniform thickness
PRECO has an eye-catching design style. This product is highly resistant to shock and vibration
The technology PRECO adopts is at the forefront of industry. It can restain its original luster over time
With unique design in its , our customers have shown much more interest in . It has the property to resist the scratch of a sharp object
The design concept of PRECO is comparatively mature in the industry. It is seamless in structure, which eliminates the chance of accumulating bacteria
The product is shrinkage resistant. During the fabric pre-treatment stage, the fabrics have been shrunk already to prevent further shrinkage. This product features the desired hardness and tension
The product prevents odor. Processed by antibacterial and stink remover agents, it can effectively kill odor-causing bacteria and eliminates foot and shoe odor. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, it is suitable for use in plumbing applications
The product is non-toxic. Containing no irritant harmful substances, such as formaldehyde that have pungent odors, it will not cause toxication. This product will not degrade in the case of strong UV light
The product is resistant to extreme heat and cold. Treated under various temperature variates, it will not prone to crack or deform under high or low temperatures. Its diameter can be customized according to needs
The product can resist impact and pressure. It is able to withstand heavy weight yet will not prone to deform. Its dimensional stability makes it not prone to mechanical forces
Under systematic management, PRECO has trained a team with high sense of responsibility. It can be recycled over and over again
Rapid and timely delivery time is guaranteed in Qingdao preco imp. & exp. co., ltd.. This product can last for a long time due to its fatigue resistance
Qingdao preco imp. & exp. co., ltd. is highly responsible for our customers and will never sell defected . Its anti-corrosion property allows it to be used with harsh or acidic chemicals, freshwater, and saltwater
The service offered to customers is great in PRECO. This product is an excellent choice for commercial uses as it has a naturally shiny look
Qingdao preco imp. & exp. co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer which also pays a lot of attention to customer service. This product will not degrade in the case of strong UV light
Product Message
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