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Narrative nc milling cutter in be used to buy need to know the basic common sense

by:PRECO     2020-05-19
Numerical control milling cutter is used for milling, have one or more of the rotation of the blade cutter. Each blade while working intermittently cutting allowance to artifacts in turn. Groove and forming milling cutter, steps, and cut off the workpiece surface. CNC milling cutter manufacturer, we specialize in building of numerical control milling cutter design parameters include: diameter, number of teeth, spiral Angle and the shape of the tooth. More products related content, then by our professional to simple explain it for you, hope to help you. 1, numerical control milling cutter diameter: direct, tool rod with high intensity, cutter bar, good blade heat transfer, increase the tool life. The same cutting condition, the cutting force increases. 2, teeth: crude tooth serration: rough milling cutter tool strength is good, should the space is large, heavy grinding more frequently, but stability is poor, used for rough machining. Serration finishing. 3, numerical control milling spiral Angle: increasing the spiral Angle, can improve the quality of processing surface, reduce vibration, increase the work of anterior horn and curl radius, and chip removal is convenient. But caused by axial force is too large. Sometimes when we applied numerical control milling cutter can appear the phenomenon of cutting associate degree is not enough, as is known to all, numerical control milling cutter cutting accurate degree is very high, so what are the reasons for this phenomenon? What solution? Numerical control milling cutter manufacturer is now to give you a integration of knowledge in this field. 1. When excessive cutting: reduce the cutting depth and width; 2. Machine or fixed with a lack of accuracy: repair machine and fixed; 3. Machine or fixed with a lack of rigidity: change machine fixed or cutting set; 4. CNC milling cutter blade number is too little, using multiple blade cutter. We at the time of purchase nc milling cutter need to know beforehand what you need our products, CNC milling cutter is supposed to be that kind of specification, have what function, so that we communicate when buy, choose to more suitable for our CNC milling cutter, thus in the manufacture of our production to create a more great value. 1, cylindrical turning tool, cutting tool main Angle is how many degrees, the drawing requirements, processing of materials is any, is there any hardness requirement, 2, inner hole tool: how many and how big diameter, deep hole machine knife sets of inner diameter and inner hole if there is any interference, 3, slotting knife: to cut how many, how much groove width, depth is transverse groove cylindrical tank or the inner hole groove knives? Big diameter and small machining diameter is how many, Transverse groove knife specially ask) 4, cutting knife: cut the diameter of the how much, how many, groove width 5, CNC milling thread turning tool, thread turning tool forehand and backhand, male or female, metric or inch, what is the pitch,
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