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Milling cutter grinding method

by:PRECO     2020-04-28
Vertical milling cutter grinding method is as follows: 1. Endmill side edge grinding: in the original tool post R8 chuck clamping cutter handle department, according to the 90 & deg; Horizontal scroll end milling cutter grinding with attachments, pull up the limit screw, turned head can be 360 degrees turn head back to the grinding side edge position, and then according to the degree of viewpoints, end cutting edge grinding out after the end of blade Angle slope, pay attention to when grinding feed way. After the grinding tool with rest dividing equipment inversion (45 degrees 4 blade) Or 90 degrees ( 2 blade) Another blade teeth grinding. 2. Lateral vertical milling cutter blade grinding: the original tool post workbench in form milling cutter grinding accessories workbench. The R8 elastic sleeve into workbench of the taper hole cutter attachment, will be intrusive suitable vertical milling cutter diameter scale into the R8 sleeve and fixed it, thus spiral end mill will no longer be rolling. Adjust endmill cutter to higher than that of grinding wheel base. According to the degree of side milling cutter blade Angle after rolling 0 40 degrees tool slide table, make the attachment table to adjust the vertical milling cutter is suitable for grinding viewpoints. With helical end milling cutter grinding on the attachment orientation adjustable bracket slot needle to stick close end mill side blade spiral groove guide guide, then directly after early to ease the ( By orientation guide) Push hand twitch grinding method before and after some of the grinding milling spiral blade Angle. When the Lord finished Angle grinding mill vice Angle, will lead the adjustable bracket slot needles into the second slope in the spiral groove, and then like a same list shou gradient to grinding.
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