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Machining several kinds of tungsten steel milling cutter are introduced

by:PRECO     2020-05-14
Several kinds of commonly used in machining cutter do you know? First of all, tooth rotary milling cutter for cutting tool, its each blade is equivalent to a fixed a cutting tool in milling cutter rotary surface. Tungsten steel milling cutter for cutting at the same time when a cutting edge is longer, and there is no spare travel, so a higher productivity. Milling cutter with a lot of more phyletic, the structure also differ, the application range is very wide, according to its USES can be divided into plane milling cutter, machining grooves with milling cutter, forming surface machining with milling cutter and so on three broad categories. General specifications of the cutter has been standardized, usually all by professional tool factory production. Introduce several common milling cutter. , vertical milling cutter, end mill is on the nc machine tool with a duo of a milling cutter, end mill's cylindrical surface and transverse cutting knife, the cutting edge on the cylinder is the main cutting edge, face distribution on the cutting edge, the main cutting edges generally for helical gear, this will increase the cutting stability, improve the machining accuracy. They can be cut at the same time, also can separate for cutting. But due to the common vertical milling cutter end without a cutting edge, the center when end mill work so not able to do the axial feed, end face of blade is mainly used to machining the bottom of vertical and lateral phase plane. Is mainly used in plane milling, milling, groove surface milling and copying milling steps. Second, side and face milling cutter, side milling cutter or on three sides: the blade Angle, after three parts have sharp edge, cutting fast. Side and face milling cutter, can be divided into straight tooth blade on three sides and wrong tooth blade on three sides. It is mainly used in horizontal milling machine processing step face and end or two ends through shallow grooves. Side milling cutter in addition to the circle is the main cutting edge, the two sides also have a pair of cutting edge, so as to improve the cutting condition, to improve the cutting efficiency, reduced the surface roughness value. But change is bigger, the width after resharpening insert side milling cutter can solve this problem. Third, face milling cutter face milling cutter and the cutter bar vertical end face and outside circle have a cutting edge, it is mainly used for milling plane. External circular cutting edge is the main cutting edge and end face of the cutting edges and scraper as role. Face milling cutter compared with sets of type vertical milling cutter, the blade is shorter. Face milling cutter is mainly used in vertical milling machine or a horizontal plane and plane milling machine processing steps, especially suitable for large flat processing, the main Angle of 90 & deg; Face milling cutter can be milling with wider at the bottom of the steps. In face milling cutter machining plane, at the same time to participate in the cutting blade is more, and have a cutting edge of light, the processing surface roughness value is small, so you can use a larger cutting dosage, higher productivity, wide application. Fourth, thread cutter with the traditional processing method mainly USES the threading tool cutting thread or USES the tap, die hand tapping and buckle. With the development of numerical control processing technology, especially the emergence of the three axes linkage numerical control machining system, make more advanced thread processing way of nc milling. Thread milling compared with the traditional thread processing method, has a great advantage in machining precision and machining efficiency, and processing is not limited by screw thread structure and to, like a thread cutter can be processing a variety of different spin to the internal and external thread. For there is no transition buckle or relief groove structure of the thread, the traditional method of turning or tap, die, it is difficult to machining, but USES the numerical control milling is very easy to implement. In addition, the durability of thread milling cutter is tap for more than ten times or even dozens of times, and in the process of CNC milling thread, the thread diameter size adjustment wei extremely convenient, this is the tap, die hard. Due to the advantages of thread milling, the current mass production thread has developed a widely adopted the milling process. With the development of Chinese nc machine tool, also accept and love Chinese customers step by step. Thread milling by means of triaxial linkage function of the CNC machining center machine tool and G02 or G03 helical interpolation instruction, complete thread milling work. Thread cutter, as a rapid development in recent years, the advanced tool, is increasingly widely accepted, and exhibited excellent processing performance, become enterprises reduce the cost of thread processing rate, powerful weapon for thread processing problems.
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