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Little knowledge of the milling cutter

by:PRECO     2020-04-26
Milling cutter is used for milling, have one or more rotating cutter blade. How much you know about milling cutter? 1, the main purpose of milling cutter head, carries on the rough milling, remove a large number of blank, small area horizontal plane or contour precision milling. 2, ball head milling cutter, carries on the surface of half essence milling and milling; Small ball end milling cutter can finish-milling steep plane/straight wall small chamfer and irregular contour surface. 3, flat chamfer cutter belt, rough mill can do to remove a large number of blank, but also fine milling flat surface ( Relative to the surface of steep) Small chamfer. 4, molding cutter, including chamfering knives, T cutter or drum type knife, knife tooth type, R knife. 5, chamfering knives, chamfering knife appearance is same as the chamfering shape, divided into milling round chamfer and inclined Angle of the milling cutter. 6, T knife, milling T slot. 7, tooth type knife, milling all kinds of tooth type, such as gear. 8, coarse skin dao, in view of aluminum-copper alloy cutting design of rough milling cutter, can rapid processing.
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