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Knowledge of tungsten steel milling cutter

by:PRECO     2020-05-01
Understand the milling cutter is milling knowledge when optimizing the milling effect, the cutter blade is another important factor, at any time while milling if more than one at the same time to participate in the cutting blade number is of advantages, but at the same time, participate in cutting blade number is too many faults, each cutting edge when cutting can't cutting at the same time, the required power and how much for cutting cutting edge, chip formation process, cutting edge load and the processing result, cutter relative to the workpiece position played an important role. When face milling, use a bigger than cutting width of about 30% of the milling cutter and the cutter location in the heart of the close to the workpiece, the chip thickness changed little. In the chip thickness than in the center of the cut out cutting when the cutting thickness slightly thinner. In order to make sure you use enough high average chip thickness per tooth feeding, must be determined correctly is suitable for the process of milling cutter knife teeth. Cutter tooth spacing is the distance between the cutting edges effectively. According to the value of the milling cutter is divided into three types of milling cutter, and thin blade cutter, milling cutter. And chip thickness of milling and face milling cutter Angle, the Angle of blade is the main cutting edge and the Angle between the workpiece surface, mainly has 45 degrees, 90 degrees and circular blade, the direction of cutting force as the main Angle different will happen very big change: the main Angle of 90 degrees of milling cutter is mainly produce radial force, role in the direction of feed, which means that the surface will not be processed under too much pressure, weaker artifacts for milling structure is more reliable. The Angle of 45 degrees of milling cutter with the radial cutting force and the axial is roughly equal, so the pressure is balanced, also to the requirement of machine tool power is low, particularly suitable for milling collapse chip breaker short scrap material workpiece. Round blade cutter means the main Angle continuous variation from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, it mainly depends on the cutting depth. The blade cutting edge strength is very high, the chip generated along the long direction of the cutting edge is thin, so is suitable for large feeding, along the direction of the blades, the radial cutting force in the constantly changing, and the pressure produced during the process of processing will depend on the cutting depth. The development of modern blade geometry trough made the circular blade has a smooth cutting effect, low power requirements of nc machine tools, the advantages of good stability. Today, it is no longer a valid rough milling cutter, in the surface milling and vertical milling has a wide range of applications. How to improve the life of tungsten steel milling cutter? If you want to improve the service life of tungsten steel milling cutter, precision through many years of experience, summed up the us to pay more attention to in the milling process, because the milling is a very flexible way of processing, various shapes of parts can be processed, and because due to the flexibility, so also can appear a lot of variables in the machining process, so we in the optimization of the cutting tool technology is also more challenging, tungsten steel milling cutter flat-bottomed cutter, or spher mill tungsten steel milling cutter, aiming at processing different materials, there will be not the same as the milling method. Provide you quality precision tungsten steel milling cutter, beautiful price, professional processing, greatly reduce the cost of you.
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