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Introduce the method of making the milling cutter and function classification

by:PRECO     2020-05-24
The method of making the milling cutter: 1. Milling cutter knife pad on the back of the pad datum for the knife, blade installation slot and knife pad datum interface to install slot datum, milling cutter knife pad datum with convex platform, installation groove on the datum set to match the convex platform of the pit. 2. Hole milling cutter knife mat with steps, steps the big holes connection of the hole for the conical surface, on the blade has a hole corresponding to the threaded hole with steps, knife pad along the conical surface countersunk head screw holes through the steps of the pad knife and blade screw hole connection. 3. Milling cutter knife mat on the surface of the convex platform for belt platforms, sloping half cylindrical convex platform; Installed the blade groove groove pits on the datum plane to carry even the sloping semi-cylindrical pits. Wedge slope and underside of wedge Angle is greater than 90 & deg; , the side of the blade installation groove with the blade installation of tank bottom Angle is more than 90 & deg; 。 Working principle of milling cutter can be simple is a razor, for instance, in the process of advance gradually to clay sand into pieces, and then released into the knife dish at the back of the storeroom is the soil bin. According to the structure of the milling cutter can be divided into: panel and spoke type these two basic types. According to the feature points, can be divided into: soft soil complex milling cutter and milling cutter. Tunnel construction is always in a certain environment, such as basic geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology and so on, according to the degree of change can be homogenous formation and composite formation, homogenous formation can be divided into two kinds, pure soft apprentice and simple layer of hard rock bottom. 1. In soft disciple layer soft soil milling cutter: generally only need to configure the cutting type of props, such as knife, center such as soft soil cutter disk. 2. Composite milling cutter: combination of compound formation way is very complicated, but in general can be divided into three types: one kind is in the tunneling section of different strata combination; One kind is the combination of different strata in the axis of the direction; And those are the two are combined.
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