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In the use of the advantages of the ball milling cutter head and pay attention to the problem

by:PRECO     2020-05-17
Ball end milling cutter is a kind of complex shape of cutting tool, it is of great importance in free-form surface milling cutter. Its cutting edge complex curve for the space. This both for tool design and processing, grinding blade is a quite complex job. The advantages of ball end milling cutter with 1. Can obtain more stable state of processing: using ball head cutter for machining, cutting Angle is continuous change, almost no mutation phenomenon, so that the change of cutting force is a continuous process of change, this process can ensure the cutting condition is more stable, higher surface finish. 2. Ball head dao is for surface semi-finishing and finish machining zui ideal cutter: we use the spindle motor of axial force resistance is poor, so, generally cannot use ball head dao for rough machining, in semi-finishing, using ball head dao is very good. After using ball head dao for semi-finishing machining less scrap, it is better for for the following finishing. Semi-finishing path interval is finishing spacing is two commonly, if is the use of parallel cutting line method, and finishing feeding direction into 90 degrees. 3. Reduces the practical cutting radius: like using cow nose knife, with ball head diameter reduced the actual cutting cutter, reduces the cutting speed, reduces the cutting when the cutting power and torque, more conducive to the spindle motor in better condition for processing. Question 1 ball end milling cutter used should be paid attention to. : minimize use of blade machining in ball end tip position, in the actual processing, processing speed is 0, that is, the cutting tool is not actually, but in grinding, the actual processing, the coolant hardly add the cutting zone, thus more cutting heat is larger, the knives' service life. 2. For straight wall using contour shape machining method: try to minimize the ball along the straight wall down the cutter head. Relatively speaking, along the straight wall up processing is a very good method, but it is difficult to separate them in practice. Compare the different of the two below. 3. Using contour shape machining straight wall can reduce the downward phenomenon. If you can use & other; From the bottom up feeding & throughout; This phenomenon can be avoided. In the use of & other; From the bottom up feeding & throughout; Turning you should first consider * knife is too large, if after the above processing in curved root with larger scrap, so * knife/may is too big. So that cannot protect tool damage instead. 4. Ball end milling cutter with attention to the deep groove processing: in the deep groove machining, tool may be completely sink, because the ball head dao crumbs slot is relatively small, in processing more sticky materials ( Such as copper) , feed speed faster, it is easy to broken sword. So, when using ball head dao for processing, pay attention to the chip.
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