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Imports of tungsten steel milling cutter

by:PRECO     2020-05-11
Currently most import endmill are using tungsten steel bar, also can be called tungsten steel milling cutter. Of course many places called tungsten carbide, all also known as hard alloy cutter. The same thing different name. ( Tungsten titanium alloy milling cutter) Imported tungsten carbide end milling cutter is a kind of tungsten steel ( Cemented carbide, known as tungsten titanium alloys) Production tool. General is mainly used for CNC machining center, CNC engraving machine. Can also be loaded on the ordinary milling machine processing some hard not complex heat treatment material, widely used tungsten steel milling cutter, the use of high speed machining. Imports of tungsten steel milling cutter is the price? Imported tungsten steel mill prices domestic cutter you so much, why? Domestic knife factory, many of them are no advantage, grinding out the knife, the quality is unstable, technology is not mature enough, prices are not in proportion with raw materials and quality stability. And imported tungsten steel cutter, such as Taiwan, South Korea and other countries, their price why so expensive, but sell again? Is selling up, the main or quality problem, compared to domestic knives, quality stability, service life is long.
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