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How to correctly use tungsten steel milling cutter

by:PRECO     2020-05-16
Do you know how to correctly use the tungsten steel milling cutter? Here with us to get to know next! ! ! Tungsten steel milling cutter in milling process, the workpiece can be feed down or relative tool rotation direction, this will affect the cutting characteristics of start and finish. Tungsten steel milling cutter in milling ( Also known as synthetic milling) When the feed direction of the workpiece and cutting area of tungsten steel milling cutter rotate in the same direction. Chip thickness will reduce gradually, from the beginning until the end of the incision in peripheral milling is zero and the check; In conventional milling ( Also known as reverse milling) When the workpiece feeding direction contrary to milling cutter rotating direction of the cutting area. Chip thickness to zero, and then gradually increase along with the cutting process. Tungsten steel milling cutter in the conventional milling, tungsten steel cutter blades from zero start cutting chip thickness, and this results in high cutting force, so as to promote the tungsten steel milling cutter and workpiece away from each other. Tungsten steel milling cutter blade, after being forced into the incision is usually and the processing caused by the cutting blade is hardened surface contact, at the same time under the action of friction and high temperature, friction and polishing effect. Cutting force is lifted on the work-piece from the work more easily. In down milling tungsten steel milling cutter, tungsten steel cutter blades start cutting from big chip thickness. The move can be lessened by reducing heat and machining hardening trend to avoid polishing effect. Application of chip thickness is very good, and the cutting force is more easy to push artifacts into the tungsten steel milling cutter, to make the tungsten steel milling cutter blade for cutting. Tungsten steel milling cutter in milling, the chip breaker is sometimes adhesive or welding on the cutting edge, and gather to the next around the beginning of the cutting blade. During conventional milling, easy to be trapped chip breaker or wedging between blades and artifacts, which would lead to broken blade. In down milling, the same chip breaker will split in two, and will not damage the cutting edge. However, the requirement of machine tool, fixture and the workpiece is shou down milling method chosen. Due to cutting force in keeping the artifacts in easy to push the blade forward at the same time, to make down milling machining process has some special requirements. This would require the machine by eliminating backlash to handle table feed requirements. If the tool into the workpiece, feed can increase without rules, resulting in chip thickness is too large and will cause the collapse edge. Should choose the conventional milling in such applications. In addition, if the machining allowance appear very big change, at this time choose conventional milling. Requirement is a must to correct clamping workpiece, have suitable fixture, the same size for assignment requires the right tools. But for vibration trend, the direction of the cutting force is more important
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