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ER collet elastic installation and usage instructions

by:PRECO     2020-05-25
ER elastic collet is a kind of clamping tool or workpiece clamping device, usually on the milling machine is a device used in drilling, tapping, milling machine, or a drill which used to be on the machining center spindle tapping tool or a milling cutter with the cylindrical fixture, also known as ER collet. Can also be used to fixed reinforcement modification machining parts of a fixed locking device. ER collet elasticity, large clamping force, clamping range, precision is good. Widely used for boring, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding, carving processing, etc. ER collet, is one of the collet chuck, commonly used in the numerical control handle. ER collet elasticity is mainly used for fast drilling, tapping, chamfering, spot-facing. Is one of the types of the present domestic has emerged to improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of machine tools. With the development of domestic auto line, the competition between suppliers, choose a kind of high performance, rate of machine tool is the enterprise to reduce the production cost, improve the competitiveness of enterprises an effective way. A typical multi-axis drilling machine + ordinary drilling machine can be a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread one-time treatment. If deserve to go up again the company dedicated multi-axis drilling machine can make the several holes or thread on the surface of the one-time processing is complete. Solve many difficult to clamping workpiece no problem, location, or location. Longmen multi-axis drilling machine three pillar structure design, processing of high precision, stable performance, the drilling ability. Suitable for high precision drilling, boring. Solve the high precision drilling, boring machining center on the problem of high cost. Tap chuck clamping range save tapping the diameter of the thread should be different in core time elasticity of ER collet installation: installed before elastic collet, must put the elastic collet into lock nut, and then will be equipped with elastic collet locking nut gently twist on the handle, arbor, or spindle. Make sure elastic collet, lock nut threaded portion, and clean up, cone surface. In the collet and lock nut of the installation process? Chuck and lock nut must tilt Angle? Then gently into the lock nut lock card slot. ER collet elastic note: 1. Pay attention to the collet chuck clamping tool, must be hurt so as not to come out of the cutting tool in high speed rotating, safety accidents. 2. It is strictly prohibited when chuck was not loaded tool? Lock nut to prevent collet chuck deformation and brittle fracture.
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