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Equipment maintenance and material properties of milling cutter

by:PRECO     2020-04-24
Milling cutter is miller in machining process of plane with knives, because compared with standard milling cutter, and shapes such as plate, so called milling cutter. Milling cutter equipment maintenance: 1. Correct the placement of milling cutter. 2. Choose the correct main Angle. 3. Only when necessary to use cutting fluid. 4. Choose suitable for milling cutter diameter of workpiece width. 5. Follow the rules for tool maintenance and repair, and monitor the tool wear. 6. Check the power and the stiffness of machine tool, in order to make sure the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the machine. 7. As much as possible amount of overhanging cutter spindle to achieve short zui, reduce the milling cutter axis and workpiece position on the influence of the impact load. 8. The suitable for the process of the correct cutter tooth pitch, to ensure that did not too much during the cutting blade mesh and artifacts caused by the vibration at the same time, on the other hand, in the narrow artifacts or milling milling cavity to ensure that there are enough blades and workpiece mesh. 9. To ensure that each blade adopts feeding, so that when the chip is thick enough to get the correct cutting effect, thus reduce the tool wear. Trough using positive rake Angle of the indexable insert, can achieve the smooth cutting effect and zui low power. Milling cutter for cutting parts material of basic requirements: 1. High hardness and wear resistance: at room temperature, cutting piece must have sufficient strength to cut into the workpiece, high abrasion resistance, cutting tool will not wear and prolong service life. 2. Good heat resistance, cutting tool in cutting process produces a lot of heat, especially when the cutting speed is high, the temperature will be high. Therefore, cutting tool material should have good heat resistance, can both remained high hardness at high temperature, and can continue cutting performance, this kind of material has high hardness, also known as the high temperature performance. 3. High strength and good toughness, in machining, the tool must be under a lot of impact, so the cutting tool material should have high strength, otherwise easy to break and damage. Due to impact and vibration milling cutter, cutter material should have good toughness, not easy to collapse and crack.
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