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Do you offer OEM service?


Most buyers are confused with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and Private Label Branding.

With more than twenty years of OEM experience, we have been cooperating with large as well as small enterprises from USA, EC, and clientele from the Asia Pacific regions. We have built up a strong working relationship as their appointed OEM Private Label Branding supplier as the satisfaction of having their own exclusive brands give them the edge over their competitors. One important aspect in OEM Private Label Branding is that any assignments dedicated to us are strictly kept on a highly confidential basis. Once we undertake the job, we give full protection to our customers on the exclusivity of the brand label on an endless time frame. In Private Label Branding, we provide the service of the brand designing, brand marking, packing formats, promotion brochures and other requisitions at cost. Naturally for all these requirements we require certain specific MOQ (minimum order quantity) to offset the cost involved.

Many of these customers have been with us for many years that we have forged a bond of strong relationship. As an experienced manufacturer and exporter, we know how to satisfy our customers. Our customers are aware Private Brand Labelling commands a higher margin and the loyalty of the brand being offer in the market. In utilizing the exclusive service we offer, they positively know that they do not require the set rules of commitments of annual order quota and other unreasonable demands if they are the exclusive agent of a premium brand. They have more freedom of expression in their own trading domain.

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