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Do you know what advantage thread cutter?

by:PRECO     2020-05-23
Do you know what advantage thread cutter? Here with us to get to know next! ! ! 1, the cost is lower, while the single thread cutter expensive silk attack, but is to the cost of a single threaded hole than tap. 2, higher precision, thread cutter knife repairing accuracy, customer choice of thread accuracy you need. 3, finish good, thread cutter milling tooth prettier than tap. 4, long service life and the life of the screw thread milling cutter is tap more than ten times or even dozens of times, less time and adjust machine tool changer. 5, afraid of breaking, silk attack may cause the scrapped after being broken, thread cutter easy to remove and even human break won't be scrapped. 6, thread cutter machining efficiency is much higher than wire tapping. 7, blind hole thread cutter can milling to the bottom, screw tap can't. 8, for some materials, thread cutter can be boring. Milling teeth. Chamfering a molding, silk attack can't. 9, a thread cutter can be processing different spin to the internal and external screw thread, screw tap. 10, the same pitch of different size of the threaded hole, silk attack need to change a few teams, thread cutter can be universal. 11, threaded hole but, thread cutter can fill by knife, wire tapping is not, only scrapped. 12, in the larger thread hole machining, silk attack inefficient, thread cutter can be instantaneous. 13, thread cutter for cutting short powder crumbs, no possible around the knife, wire tapping processing for spiral iron filings, easy to wrap knife. 14, thread cutting, milling cutter tooth contact all the machine and the cutting force is smaller than tap. 15, the clamping is simple, tap need flexible tapping the handle, thread cutter available ER. HSK. Hydraulic pressure. Heat and so on the handle. 16, a shear type metric thread cutter bar can be replaced. The American system. Inch blade, such as economic good. 17, processing thread high hardness screw tap wear serious, even can't processing, thread cutter can be realized easily.
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