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Cutting tools in numerical control milling cutter tool occupy important position in the system

by:PRECO     2020-05-20
Nc milling tool system refers to the connection of nc machine tools and cutting tools series clamping tools, with the handle, connecting rod, connecting sleeve and the first class. CNC machine tools system can realize rapid, automatic clamping tool. With the application of nc tool system is growing, our country has established the standardization, seriation, modular nc tool system. Numerical control machine tool system is divided into integral and modular two forms. 1) TSG integral tool system by connecting rod in the form of a divided into two types, that is, straight shank and taper shank. The system has simple structure, easy to use, flexible clamping, change quickly. Because the variety, specification of tools is various, inconvenient to manufacture, use and management. 2) TMG module type tool system TMG module type tool system has the following three kinds of structure forms: cylindrical connection series TMG21) , the axis screw tightening tools; Short conic positioning TMG10 series, axis screw tightening tools; Long conical positioning TMG14 series, with bolt locking tool. Modular tool to configure the system Z fewer tools to satisfy the processing need of different parts, so the system increased the tool system flexible, is a tool of system development stage. Cutting tool profile, 1) Hole machining tool (1) center for holes. (2) the twist drill is mainly used for drilling holes. (3) step drill is a kind of composite cutting tools, ladder used for drilling holes. (4) reamer is mainly used in finish machining of holes. 5. The boring cutter is mainly used to bore hole and the hole finishing. 2) Milling tool (1) plane milling cutter: this kind of milling cutter with cylindrical milling cutter and end face milling cutter two main forms. (2) groove milling cutter: Z commonly used groove milling cutter with vertical milling cutter, disc cutter blade on three sides, keyway milling cutter, milling cutter and the Angle. (3) the mold cutter, die cutter cutting part are spherical, convex, concave, and shapes of T. (4) composite forming milling cutter, the milling cutter with multiple combination, processing one or more parts at the same time, can not only improve productivity, and also can ensure parts processing quality. In addition, adjust good cutting tool can effectively enhances the working efficiency of the numerical control milling cutter, the following three methods for reference: 1. Progress on the dynamic balance to the progress on the dynamic balance for the progress of high speed milling cutter safety has a lot of help. Due to the tool unbalance to the spindle system to produce an additional radial load, its size is directly proportional to the square of the speed. Set of revolving quality as m, centroid and the middle of the body of revolution of eccentricity for e, is caused by the unbalance of inertial centrifugal force F: F = emω 2 = U ( n/9549) 2 type: U for cutting tool system unbalance ( g· 毫米) For cutting tool system center of mass eccentricity, e 毫米) For the quality of cutting tool system, m ( kg) Speed, n for cutting tool system ( r / min) ω; Angular velocity for cutting tool system ( rad/s) 。 By visible on type, progress on the dynamic balance can significantly reduce the centrifugal force, advances the safety of the high-speed cutting tools. 2. Reduce quality of cutting tool, cutting tool numeral, simplify the structure of the cutting tool on the cutter body structure, should pay attention to avoid and reduce the stress concentration. The groove of the blade ( Including the cutter holder, chip capacitors, keyway) Can cause stress concentration, reduce the strength of the blade, so avoid slot and the bottom of the channel with sharp corners. At the same time, the structure of the blade should be symmetrical on the rotating shaft, the center of gravity by the axis of the milling cutter. Of the blade and the clamping, adjust the structure should be as far as possible eliminate clearance, and requires good repeated positioning. High speed milling cutter has been widely used in HSK handle connected to the spindle, greatly improved cutting tool system stiffness and repeat positioning accuracy, benefit to the progress of cutting tool fracture limit speed. 3. Improve the tool clamping methods. Simulation calculation and the burst test research shows that high speed milling cutter blade clamping methods usually do not use friction clamping, want to use with the central hole of the blade and screw clamp, or using a special design of cutter structure in order to prevent the blades to jilt fly. Knives, knife of the direction of the clamping force and centrifugal force in the same direction, at the same time to control good bolt pre-tightening force, to prevent the screw early damage due to overload.
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