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Cutter manufacturer teachs you the method of reducing wear and tear

by:PRECO     2020-04-29
Cutter manufacturer teachs you the method of reducing wear a lot of tool damage is related to other factors, differences of fixture and the handle can shorten the tool life. When clamping workpiece insufficient rigidity, cutting generated when moving, may cause rupture of cemented carbide substrate. Sometimes small cracks along the cutting edge, sometimes shoot a piece off from the carbide insert, unable to continue cutting. The collapse edge, of course, also may be due to the carbide cutting load is too hard or too big. Should be considered when using high speed steel cutting tools for processing, in order to reduce the happening of the collapse edge. Of course, high speed steel cutter can't like carbide under high heat. What use material, it is necessary to weigh the determined according to the concrete situation. Alloy milling cutter in use process will encounter more or less damage or wear and tear problems, but sometimes it is inevitable. However, we are able to make big effort will be broken down to low. What methods of reducing wear and tear is introduced. There is nothing to say, in the milling of nickel-based alloy, heat is the important factors affecting the service life of cutting tools, because even if the carbide cutting tools, will be destroyed by high heat cutting. To produce high heat cutting, not just the milling nickel alloy to encounter. So these alloy milling, need to heat control. In addition, the understanding of application of various forms of cutting tool ( High speed steel cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, or ceramic cutting tool) Produced during the processing of heat value, is also very important by using improved tool loading eccentricity of the handle, such as hydraulic clamp, the hot charging card head, makes the cutting more balanced, more stable, reduce the tool wear, improved the surface quality. To choose the handle a principle that should be followed when is the handle to be as short as possible. The cutting tool and workpiece clamping requirements, applicable to any material milling, and when the milling of nickel-based alloy, also need to adopt advanced processing experience as much as possible.
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