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Analysis of mechanism of side milling cutter and its application in the wrong tooth

by:PRECO     2020-05-22
Side milling cutter or three side milling: sharp blade Angle, sharp edge, the cutting speed is fast. Three face milling cutter is a standard machine. It is typically used for horizontal milling machine, usually used for slotting and the stairs. Three side milling cutter, referred to as 'three blade. The trilateral have sharp corners, the sharp edges and fast cutting. Trilateral milling cutter circumference of addition to the main cutting edge, also has the side cutting edge, improve the cutting condition and improve the cutting efficiency, reducing the surface roughness. Mainly used for milling metal material surface hardness and strength of the steps and the groove surface. Can also be used for non-metallic materials processing. Superhard materials three face milling cutter used in hard cutting material surface and the groove surface milling steps. Mainly used for the milling groove or milling ordinary trough of fixed size, stepped surface and side. Its shape is like a & other; Pancakes throughout middle round hole &; Two end face close to the outer ring, cylindrical, there is a like a serrated edge, so three sides called. Three face milling cutter blade distribution on the cylinder of the milling cutter, the main secondary edge distribution in both ends. When used knife installed in a horizontal milling cutter bar, of course, can be installed on other machine tools, general used for slotting and steps. Side milling cutter according to the tooth type classification: points straight teeth and the wrong tooth. Wrong tooth grooves used for deep processing of good performance, widely used in the flat, slant, trench, surface milling steps. However, due to the left and right two teeth interlaced circle on the surface of the manufacturing process is complex, the processing difficulty is very difficult. When milling right rotation teeth, the tooth is easy to grind the left and vice versa. At the same time, due to the batch spindle machining tool, the losses are huge waste, when the product production. Only a handful of experienced teachers has not been used in scientific calculation method. Professionals can be competent the milling of the tool, so the processing cost is high. Made in the three major difficulties of the milling cutter tooth milling is round. Because in the left and right tooth cylinder staggered arrangement, all right-handed teeth must be to the left hand teeth grinding. Therefore, must keep to the position of the sinistral tooth when milling teeth on the right. If the placeholder is insufficient, milling spiral teeth left out complete tooth, causing production waste; If reserve position is too big, alveolar width is too narrow, the capacity factor is not enough, so it is cutting knife or reduce the service life is easy.
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