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Analysis endmill cutter shape classification in use

by:PRECO     2020-05-21
Vertical milling cutter blade for the cylinder, the main port of parts into a pair of blades. No center of vertical milling cutter blade along the blade shaft work. According to the national standard, the vertical milling cutter diameter of 2 mm, it can be divided into two kinds of coarse teeth and serration. 2 - The scope of the 20 straight shank diameter with 14 - 50 taper shank diameter range. Standard vertical milling cutter with two kinds of coarse teeth and serration. The coarse teeth end milling cutter teeth for 3 ~ 4, spiral Angle & beta; Larger, the number of teeth on the tooth end mill for 5 ~ 8, spiral Angle & beta; Smaller. Cutting part material for high speed steel, handle for 45 steel. Vertical milling cutter shape, there are many common milling machine and CNC milling machine slots and straight line, milling center, processing cavity, core and surface outline/use. 1. T knife: milling T slot. 2. Tooth type knife: milling all kinds of tooth type, such as gear. 3. Coarse skin knife: rough milling cutter for aluminum copper alloy cutting design, can rapid processing. 4. Forming milling cutter: including chamfering knives, T cutter or drum type knife, knife tooth type, R knife. 5. Flat head milling cutter with chamfering: rough mill can do to remove a large number of blank, can also be fine milling flat surface small chamfer. 6. Chamfer cutter: chamfer cutter appearance is same as the chamfering shape, divided into milling round chamfer and inclined Angle of the milling cutter. 7. Ball end milling cutter: surface half essence milling and milling; Knife can finish-milling steep side/straight wall small chamfer. 8. Is small, round nose cutter: surface change small sag area is less, relatively flat areas more rough mill. 9. Flat cutter: fine milling or rough milling, milling grooves, removing a large number of blank, small area horizontal plane or contour precision milling. End mill vibration due to the small space between the vertical milling cutter and the cutter holder, the cutting tool in the process of machining vibration may occur. Vibration will lead to uneven edge of the knife dish, increase in the volume cutting expansion, thus affect the machining precision and tool life. But when the groove width is small, it also can make the tool vibration, and by increasing the cutting quantity to increase the slot width required. But in this case, zui sharp end milling cutter should be less than 0. 02 mm, or cutting stability would be impossible. Neutral milling cutter in the process of normal vibration as small as possible. When the tool vibration occurs, should consider to reduce the cutting speed and feed rate. If it still have bigger after reducing vibration should be considered to reduce consumption by 40%. Such as processing system resonance occurs, the reason may be that small excessive cutting speed, feed rate, cutting tool system insufficient rigidity of the workpiece clamping force is not enough, the workpiece or the shape of the workpiece clamping method factors such as, the tool system should be taken to adjust, increase the stiffness and the increase of feed and other measures.
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