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A connoisseur mill cutter what are the structure features and conditions

by:PRECO     2020-05-12
End mill is a widely used in nc machining of multitool, machinable plane, the step surface, groove, etc. Vertical milling cutter of the milling speed is higher and there is no idle, so is the rate of a cutting tool. Geometric structure of the milling cutter is very complicated, and the overall structure of the end mill can be divided into: blade, neck and handle three parts. Blade is an important part of the whole cutter, its material, shape, number of teeth, determines its processability. Vertical milling cutter cutting edges on the cylinder is the main cutting edge and end on the distribution of vice cutting edge; Petiole is tool clamping part for connected to the machine tool, and transmission torque, when milling the shape is determined by the size of the blade diameter; The neck is connected to the blade and handle. Titanium hao machinery is the rotary, screw, shaft processing, CNC lathe processing, the handle bar, chuck jaw for the company's flagship product, the tip is a part of the end mill complex, therefore, endmill with 3 d modeling is the key to modeling the blade. Blade is one of the main structure is a spiral entity, and helix can be obtained by the following method: first on the cylinder has been generated in the vertical section to outline the spiral groove, and the combination of a tangent line in a spiral line scanning curve as the path of resection, forming spiral entities. Vertical milling cutter handle department generally divided into two categories: straight shank and taper shank. Location and installation of straight shank end milling cutter is more convenient. For small diameter end milling cutter, straight shank type is widely used. Generally use vertical milling cutter of the time need to put in the inside of the jacket, due to the vertical milling cutter are tu rust-proof oil factory, so at the time of loading end mill, jacketed with cleaning fluid to clean and set up, so as not to appear in operation process of vertical milling cutter, out of the cutter holder even drop phenomenon, eliminate unnecessary original scrap. Also has under the condition of the handle and jacket are very clean off knife, this time should be chosen with made the handle of the gap and the corresponding side lock mode. Another problem is in the case of the above situation didn't happen, end mill where the knife clip port broken, this is the knife clip used too long, toolholder port is wear and tear, the need to replace the new cutter holder. In order to improve the machining efficiency, should choose rate of cutting tool and handle as soon as possible.
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